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S04 E15
17 Jun 2024/01:46:50

Musing with Changelog's Adam Stacoviak

S04 E14
30 May 2024/01:40:34

Rebooting a datacenter: A decade later

S04 E13
22 May 2024/01:50:30

Bookclub: How Life Works by Philip Ball

S04 E12
25 Apr 2024/01:21:01

All we have to fear is FUD itself

S04 E09
3 Apr 2024/01:27:17

Cultural Idiosyncrasies

S04 E08
27 Mar 2024/01:23:30

Adversarial Machine Learning

S04 E07
15 Mar 2024/01:25:52

Data Visualization

S04 E06
14 Feb 2024/01:38:40

Crucible: The Oxide Storage Service

S04 E05
7 Feb 2024/01:00:44

Innovation Stagnation?

S04 E04
1 Feb 2024/01:47:50


S04 E03
24 Jan 2024/01:35:10

What's taking so long?!

S04 E02
17 Jan 2024/01:33:19

Open Source LLMs with Simon Willison

S04 E01
10 Jan 2024/01:56:39

Predictions 2024!

S03 E33
5 Dec 2023/01:07:16

Framework Computer with Nirav Patel

S03 E32
28 Nov 2023/01:10:26

OpenAI's Boardroom Brawl

S03 E31
7 Nov 2023/01:45:02

Hiring Processes with Gergely Orosz

S03 E30
31 Oct 2023/01:34:22

Launching the Cloud Computer

S03 E28
17 Oct 2023/01:39:06

Settling Beef

S03 E27
3 Oct 2023/01:30:45

Mr. Nagle's Wild Ride

S03 E26
12 Sep 2023/02:04:06

DTrace at 20

S03 E24
22 Aug 2023/01:20:17

Fork in the road for Terraform?

S03 E23
15 Aug 2023/01:17:48

No Silver Bullets

S03 E22
25 Jul 2023/01:30:02

Books in the Box III

S03 E21
18 Jul 2023/01:03:34

The Frontend of the Computer

S03 E17
20 Jun 2023/01:21:40

Software Verificationpalooza

S03 E16
13 Jun 2023/01:05:38

Virtualizing Time

S03 E15
30 May 2023/01:25:45

Open Source Governance

S03 E14
16 May 2023/01:20:23

Building Together: Oxide and Samtec

S03 E13
9 May 2023/01:39:08

The Network Behind the Network

S03 E10
4 Apr 2023/01:00:30

Cabling the Backplane

S03 E09
28 Mar 2023/01:08:22

Get You a State Machine for Great Good

S03 E07
17 Mar 2023/00:59:24

On Silicon Valley Bank with Eric Vishria

S03 E06
28 Feb 2023/01:34:27

Rack-scale Networking

S03 E05
14 Feb 2023/01:17:52

Memory Safety with Yael Grauer

S03 E04
7 Feb 2023/01:40:47

Oxide and the Chamber of Mysteries

S03 E03
24 Jan 2023/01:23:16

Revisiting Unikernels

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends revisit a 7 year old blog post from Bryan regarding unikernels.

S03 E02
17 Jan 2023/01:41:32

The Power of Proto Boards!

Bryan and Adam are joined by members of the Oxide hardware team to talk about proto boards--smaller boards, rapidly designed and delivered that have been instrumental to building the larger boards and the product generally.

S03 E01
10 Jan 2023/01:37:13

Predictions 2023!

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends review last year's predictions and look ahead 1, 3, and 6 years into the future. What's in store for Rust? Will ChatGPT boom or bust? Will Bryan's prediction of the demise of the term "Artificial Intelligence" come to fruition (finally!)?

S02 E39
27 Dec 2022/01:25:14

Breaking it down with Ian Brown

On December 20th, former Tweep, Ian Brown, joined a Twitter Space about Twitter's architecture. He was surprised when the head Tweep himself joined.. and more surprised when Elon responded to his questions about a proposed rewrite by calling Ian a jackass! The Oxide Friends talk about architecture, rewrites, hubris, fear, curiosity, and safety.

S02 E38
19 Dec 2022/01:35:13

A Debugging Odyssey

Oxide colleague, Dave Pacheco, joins Adam and Bryan to talk about an epic debugging journey. Everyone had something to learn from the struggle to find random data corruption in the Go allocator--Dave included!

S02 E37
13 Dec 2022/01:28:41

Podcasts for Podcast-Lovers

The Oxide Friends bring their podcast recommendations. PCBs, game consoles, sci-fi, business failures, to bad movies--there was a lot of range.

S02 E36
29 Nov 2022/01:12:38

Leaving Twitter with Tim Bray

Tim Bray joins the Oxide Friends to talk about leaving Twitter as a user as Bryan and Adam host their first live show on Discord (adios, Twitter Spaces!).

S02 E35
14 Nov 2022/01:30:44

Mastodon with Kris Nova

Kris Nova joins Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends to talk about Mastodon. Kris runs Hachyderm, a Mastodon server. She shares her experience with Mastodon and the Fediverse.

S02 E34
8 Nov 2022/01:39:39

Tech Layoffs

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends talk about the recent spate of layoffs in tech--the good, the bad, and the ugly. We stumbled into a discussion of the acute impact to those on visas with some great contributions from those who joined us live!

S02 E33
31 Oct 2022/01:24:39

Open Source Firmware

Christian Walker and Philipp Deppenwiese join Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends to talk about open firmware, the Open Firmware Conference, and the Open Firmware Foundation.

S02 E32
28 Oct 2022/01:43:18

Let That Sink In! (Whither Twitter?)

As the acquisition of Twitter closed, Bryan called an emergency, one-off session of the Oxide Friends to discuss. Make your own predictions to play along at home.

S02 E31
25 Oct 2022/01:11:26

Open Source Inside Baseball (with Stephen O'Grady)

Stephen O'Grady of RedMonk joins Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends to talk about the dead end of proprietary software masquerading as open source that the industry is drifting into. We walk inside baseball including some coordination on the part of offenders. We also talk some actual baseball... but only for about 12:40.

S02 E30
11 Oct 2022/01:31:16

Holistic Boot

Bryan and Adam talk about how Oxide boots its systems--no BIOS, no BMC. A modern server unlike any other server in the market all of which carry 40+ years of the PC legacy.

S02 E29
4 Oct 2022/01:05:32

Engineering Incentives... and Misincentives

Inspired by the incentives at Google that apparently promote launching--but not sustaining--new products, Bryan, Adam and the Oxide Friends discuss the efficacy of various incentives... and the incentives that can lead to unintended and negative outcomes.

S02 E28
27 Sep 2022/01:08:29

Losing the Signal with Sean Silcoff

Sean Silcoff, one of the authors of Losing the Signal, joins the Oxide Friends to discuss his book, the rise and fall of RIM / BlackBerry, and some of his favorite passages. Thanks to Sean for joining us!

S02 E27
13 Sep 2022/01:15:08

Threads, async/await, Promises, Futures

A problem has been eating at Adam: we use async/await in many languages and yet we're not so good at explaining the moving parts. Bryan and the Oxide Friends therapeutically explore the space.

S02 E25
30 Aug 2022/01:09:29

The Oxide Supply Chain

Kate Hicks from Oxide operations joins to talk about the supply chain meltdown, war stories from the past, and the innovative ways she and her team have charted a steady course through these turbulent waters

S02 E24
23 Aug 2022/01:34:55

Bringup Lab Chronicles: A Measurement Two Years in the Making

The Oxide electrical engineers share their experience bringing up a 100Gb link--it's got everything from a purpose-built probing station to a 100Ω resistor that proved to be the difference between life and death (of the company)

S02 E23
16 Aug 2022/01:21:39

Surviving Conventional Wisdom

Bryan, Adam, and Steve consider nuggets of conventional wisdom that turn out to be turds.

S02 E22
9 Aug 2022/01:43:13

RIP Optane

The Oxide Friends pour one out for Optane, Intel's great hope that never managed to find traction.

S02 E21
2 Aug 2022/01:15:01

Deep Tech Investing

Seth Winterroth and Ian Rountree join Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends to talk about investing in deep tech / hard tech.

S02 E20
19 Jul 2022/01:44:23

Across the Chasm with Rust

Bryan and Adam talk with Steve Klabnik and Luqman Aden about their deep, abiding love for Rust... despite a rocky start.

S02 E19
12 Jul 2022/01:43:06

Integrating Hardware and Software Teams

Jon Masters joins the Oxide and friends to talk about the benefits of having hardware and software engineers working together... and the peril of separating them!

S02 E18
28 Jun 2022/01:43:30

Books in the box redux

Scott Johnson shares his library of tech/business/culture books

S02 E17
21 Jun 2022/01:47:20

Paths into Systems Programming

Bryan, Adam, and the Oxide Friends tackle the question of how to break into systems programming.. with only some philosophizing on the nature of systems programming... and the nature of software.

S02 E16
14 Jun 2022/01:51:54

The Rise and Fall of DEC

After Bryan's binge reading of all things DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), the Oxide and Friends talk through the its meteoric rise and slow descent into ... Compaq.

S02 E15
24 May 2022/01:31:32

Surviving the Dot-Com Bust

Signs are pointing to another tech bust, and we've been through this before. Oxide and Friends reminisce about the 2001 dot-com bust, from layoffs and bankruptcies to shortened commutes and bleak tidings on billboards.

S02 E14
17 May 2022/01:30:24

Debugging Methodologies

Jordan Hendricks and Luqman Aden join Bryan and Adam to talk about two terrifying bugs and their commensurately terrific analyses.

S02 E13
26 Apr 2022/01:42:01

Fail Whaling

Joined by Json Hoffman, formerly founder of Joyent, the cloud platform on which Twitter was initially hosted, the Oxide friends reminisce about debugging early issues with Twitter and consider its pending Elonification.

S02 E12
19 Apr 2022/02:07:10

More Tales from the Bringup Lab

Members of the Oxide hardware team talk about their recent bringup struggles and triumphs with the server sled (Gimlet) and rack switch (Sidecar)

S02 E11
5 Apr 2022/01:21:20

Another LPC55 ROM Vulnerability

Laura Abbott joins Bryan and Adam to talk about **another** vulnerability she uncovered in the LPC55

S02 E10
29 Mar 2022/01:05:47

Time, Timezones, Metric Time, Losing and Saving

Time is the bane of programmers and the villain for far too many operator horror stories. Oxide and Friends discuss time, timezones, standard time, daylight time, leap seconds, and how it all can go so so SO wrong.

S02 E09
22 Mar 2022/01:10:48

Trolltron, Assemble!

Unable to resist the call of Trolltron, Bryan and Adam are forced to discuss an odious tweet that undervalues education, struggle, and experience while aggrandizing youth and advocating exploitativeness... at least, in our opinion...

S02 E08
15 Mar 2022/01:25:08


Russia's illegal war in Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis. For those of us in tech, how can we help? Bryan and Adam talk to Andrey Akselrod, CTO at People.ai, and Ukrainian ex-pat about the crisis, the background, and ways to help.

S02 E07
8 Mar 2022/01:57:36

The Future Of Work

We figured out how to work remotely by necessity. How will that change how we work in the future? Is remote work here to stay? Is it for everyone?

S02 E06
22 Feb 2022/01:44:08

Engineering Culture

Building a strong, virtuous engineering culture is hard. No silver bullets in this Twitter Space, but plenty of pitfalls to avoid.

S02 E05
15 Feb 2022/01:08:40

Breakthroughs Delayed

Steven Johnston's Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer observes that in addition to breakthroughs, and incremental progress, there is a class of innovation that lagged, that could have happened sooner but didn't. In this week's Twitter Space, we talk about technologies that could have happened sooner, but failed to.

S02 E04
8 Feb 2022/01:20:38

I Know This! (Purpose-built systems with general-purpose guts)

Purpose-built systems, computing appliances, are typically built around or on top of general purpose systems. In this week's Twitter Space we look at how those similarities can lead customers to accidental calamity.

S02 E03
25 Jan 2022/01:22:35

Taxonomy of Hype

Hype comes in many forms. In this week's Twitter Space we look at Johannes Klingebiel 5-stage taxonomy of hype and try to slot some of our favorite over-hyped (and under-hyped) technologies into those categories.

S02 E02
11 Jan 2022/01:29:43

Flying Blind with Peter Robison

Peter Robison, author of Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing, discusses Boeing, the 737 disasters, corporate culture, and more.

S02 E01
4 Jan 2022/02:06:17

Predictions 2022

The Oxide and Friends revive an old Solaris Kernel Group tradition of making predictions, Adam and Bryan are joined by Redmonk's most famous Red Sox fan, Stephen O'Grady, to make 1, 3, and 6 year predictions. Kelsey Hightower stops to dispense some present and future wisdom.

S01 E26
14 Dec 2021/02:03:39

The Pragmatism of Hubris

S01 E25
7 Dec 2021/01:42:24

Tales from the Bringup Lab

S01 E24
30 Nov 2021/01:14:45

The Sidecar Switch

S01 E23
23 Nov 2021/01:18:54

Talking Turkeys

S01 E22
16 Nov 2021/00:59:13

The Wrath of Kahn

S01 E20
2 Nov 2021/01:30:54

On Code Review

S01 E19
26 Oct 2021/01:20:48

Coder's Block

S01 E18
19 Oct 2021/01:26:51

Dijkstra's Tweetstorm

S01 E17
5 Oct 2021/01:39:25

Economics and Open Source

S01 E16
28 Sep 2021/01:17:18

The Books in the Box

S01 E14
14 Sep 2021/01:11:34

Docker, Inc., an Early Epitaph

S01 E13
7 Sep 2021/01:12:39

Put the OS back in OSDI

S01 E12
31 Aug 2021/01:33:23

A brief history of talking computers

S01 E11
24 Aug 2021/01:06:21

The episode formerly known as ℔

S01 E10
17 Aug 2021/01:26:21

The Showstopper Show

S01 E09
27 Jul 2021/01:11:31

Agile + 20

S01 E07
22 Jun 2021/01:06:13

What's a bug? What's a debugger?

S01 E05
1 Jun 2021/01:06:01

Silicon Cowboys

S01 E04
25 May 2021/01:05:50

from /proc to proc_macro

S01 E03
18 May 2021/00:29:29

golang asserts and the PLATO terminal

S01 E02
11 May 2021/01:32:56

A Requiem for SPARC with Tom Lyon