S02 E07
7 Mar 2022/01:57:36

The Future Of Work

Oxide and Friends Twitter Space: March 7th, 2022

The Future Of Work
We’ve been holding a Twitter Space weekly on Mondays at 5p for about an hour. Even though it’s not (yet?) a feature of Twitter Spaces, we have been recording them all; here is the recording for our Twitter Space for March 7th, 2022.
In addition to Bryan Cantrill and Adam Leventhal, speakers on March 7th included Lucas Ives, Dan McDonald, Steve Tuck, Ian, Matt Campbell, MattSci, Jim Rybarski, Austin, Aaron Goldman, Jake Demarest-Mays, Jason Ozolins, Tom Lyon, Timon, Matthew Amdur, jasonbking, and Horace. (Did we miss your name and/or get it wrong? Drop a PR!)
Some of the topics we hit on, in the order that we hit them:
  • [@8:15](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=495) Lucas’ story
  • Remote before pandemic, comparisons
  • [@16:29](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=989) Sidebar chat, backchannel
  • [@22:49](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=1369) Pre-recorded talks, speaker commenting in chat engaging with questions 
    • Multitasking during meetings, different from in-person single-threaded meetings
    • Recording meetings for later review
    • Holding onto a thought may detract from fully listening to another’s point
  • [@34:40](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=2080) Oxide’s full team meetup, what did they focus on?
  • [@38:01](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=2281) Austin’s remote experience
  • [@44:30](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=2670) Dan’s question: remote employees “pilgrimage” back to home often, how often?
  • [@50:23](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=3023) Disadvantages to full remote?
  • [@56:15](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=3375) Jake’s experience, asynchronous work style 
    • Meetings as unprepared group think sessions, not valuable as decision making
    • Requests for discussion, as decision making tools
  • [@1:02:29](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=3749) Jason: service delivery vs product delivery 
    • Class devision between “the desked” and “the un-desked”
  • [@1:07:17](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=4037) Is “back to office” about command and control? 
    • Other factors: big tech companies receive substantial local subsidies
  • [@1:14:00](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=4440) Timon on working in different timezones 
    • Recorded meetings/discussions as valuable content
    • Pandemic boosted remote work tool quality
  • [@1:23:32](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=5012) Difficulties with remote? 
    • Building rapport, judging emotions and nuanced communication
    • Organic, unplanned communications with in-person office spaces (watercooler)
  • [@1:33:24](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=5604) Matt: remote work as cost savings?
  • Value of “down time” communication, unstructured
  • [@1:43:50](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=6230) Starting career, making connections, in all-remote world
  • [@1:47:58](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=6478) Future of remote work since pandemic
  • [@1:51:30](https://youtu.be/GTluipbKeII?t=6690) Horace’s experience with remote work
If we got something wrong or missed something, please file a PR! Our next Twitter space will likely be on Monday at 5p Pacific Time; stay tuned to our Twitter feeds for details. We’d love to have you join us, as we always love to hear from new speakers!