Fast storage

All NVMe. Developers no longer need to worry about which disk type to use; we've selected the fastest one for you. We will automatically snapshot your disks based on disk usage to assure redundancy, even if you forget to turn on snapshots.

NVMe drives being pushed into a server

Secure by default

An attestable, secure boot chain. Have peace of mind that your hardware has not been compromised.

Ensure your data and workloads will never be exposed to a compromised machine.

Root of trust
Attests the software version is the version that is valid and shipped by the Oxide Computer Company
Service processor
Pulls the CPU out of reset, booting the machine
Network switches
Network switches and storage devices come online
Hypervisor starts. The control plane, API, and console come online and you can deploy workloads
Server sled connector

No more cables

Server sleds “pop” in and out without unplugging cables. This leads to easier serviceability and operators never enter the hot aisle. Everything can be serviced from the front.

Server rack front

Hardware and software that works together

From hardware root of trust and system firmware through the hypervisor and control plane


AMD Milan

The best performance per watt.

Tree node icon7-nanometer process
Tree node icon2,048 x86 cores per rack
Server rack network switches

Network switches included

IPv4 and IPv6 are both on by default. Gain unparalleled network visibility to your projects. The data from the redundant switches is used to build visualizations allowing better debugging of network flows and performance.

Open source firmware

Our firmware is open source. We will be transparent about bug fixes. No longer will you be gaslit by vendors about bugs being fixed but not see results or proof.

Explore repos

Single, scalable pane of glass

View your infrastructure as a single pane of glass with N racks. Segment racks into zones or regions based on where the rack is located. Continuously scale your infrastructure by plugging in more racks.

Resource insights and recommendations

Based on usage, we will recommend right-sized instances to better utilize resources. We will help forecast utilization over time so you know when you need to scale to support your users.

Sensible identity and access management

Mistakes in permissions can have grave consequences. To help avoid this, we automatically recommend minimal privileges for users with access to resources based on their usage patterns.

Network and application architecture visualizations

Visualize your infrastructure in a way that boosts productivity, security, and performance debugging. Users can easily grok how resources are communicating and what ports are open.

Everything is programmable

There is an API for everything. Do you hate when there is a feature but no matching API? We promise we will never do that! We have integrated your favorite developer tools out of the box.

Secure your spot

Shipping early 2022

Continuous improvements

The software on your rack(s) will continually get better over time as we add more features and you update. Your rack will grow in value with each software update.

Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility ensures we will never make a change that breaks anything you rely on.

Rolling updates

Rolling updates and automatic live migration ensure there is no downtime for your applications during software updates.

Changelogs for humans

Human understandable changelogs guide you in knowing exactly what is included in each update.

Secure boot chain

Our boot flow is secure by default. Our firmware is open source and attestable.

Best in class support

We will be there when you need us. No gaslighting, no ignoring bugs. We genuinely care about any and all issues. We provide field engineers for replacing components or debugging issues on site. A field engineer will help install your rack. Call, email, chat us with any problem or feedback. We are here for you.