S02 E08
14 Mar 2022/01:25:08


Oxide and Friends Twitter Space: March 14th, 2022

We’ve been holding a Twitter Space weekly on Mondays at 5p for about an hour. Even though it’s not (yet?) a feature of Twitter Spaces, we have been recording them all; here is the recording for our Twitter Space for March 14th, 2022.
In addition to Bryan Cantrill and Adam Leventhal, we were joined by special guest Andrey Akselrod.
Some of the topics we hit on, in the order that we hit them:
  • If you’re interested in donating to support Ukrainians, Andrey recommends Nova Ukraine
  • [@1:52](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=112) Andrey introduces himself, background in computing
  • [@11:20](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=68) Andrey talks about where he lived in Ukraine, Dnipro
    • Confluence of cultures
    • Moves to New York
  • [@22:53](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=1373) Events of 2014, family and coworkers in Ukraine 
    • Crimea
  • [@29:12](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=1752) Earlier disputed regions (Crimea, Donbas) and relations to current events 
    • Ukrainian national identity
  • [@38:21](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=2301) Armed forces, self governance 
    • Business as usual, life goes on
  • [@44:45](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=2685) Characterizing Ukraine as European democracy, and economic functions/trade 
    • Nuclear reactors
  • [@49:12](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=2952) Invasion 
    • Leadership disconnect with reality
  • [@1:02:28](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=3748) Family still in Dnipro 
    • Electronic communications
    • Kids understanding of what’s happening
  • [@1:07:59](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=4079) How to help?
  • [@1:16:50](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=4610) Andrey’s coworkers and team members remaining in Ukraine > Yes it’s war, but, the economy needs to continue to be healthy.
  • [@1:21:24](https://youtu.be/EdJU8mSWzQk?t=4884) Where is this going?
If we got something wrong or missed something, please file a PR! Our next Twitter space will likely be on Monday at 5p Pacific Time; stay tuned to our Twitter feeds for details. We’d love to have you join us, as we always love to hear from new speakers!