On-demand virtual machines

Provision and manage virtual machine instances. Flexibly allocate vCPUs and memory, and combine with an OS image. Get started with one of our included images, or make and manage your own.

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Seamless SSH key integration

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Flexible image management

Snapshot of the instance create form, a hardware configuration and distro are selected
Snapshot of the instance create form, a hardware configuration and distro are selected
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Live migration of running instances

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Self-service instance networking

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Serial console access

Crop of a terraform config file
Image of a termimal window running terraform commands

Automate resource provisioning and management

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    Unified interface: everything is available via API, CLI and web console.
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    Full integration with popular infrastructure-as-code frameworks such as Terraform.

Integrated metrics and telemetry provide insight into performance and utilization

Metrics and monitoring

The control plane collects information about instance utilization, memory usage, disk and networking telemetry for later inspection.

Metrics within the Oxide console web UI
Metrics within the Oxide console web UI

Project-level resource limits

Set and manage quotas on a per-project or per-tenant basis. Ensure that a single project or tenant doesn't consume more resources than designated.

Hardware and software co-design

Full-rack fault management means that workloads are migrated before emerging problems become critical ones.

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Oxide removes failing components from service to protect instances.

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Operators initiate live-migration of instances to replace failed components.

Secure your spot
Servers as they should be


Compute sleds (per rack)


x86 cores (per sled)

Memory capacity (per sled)
16 x DDR4 DIMM Slots

Memory configurations (per sled)
512GB or 1TB

Memory clock / data speed
3200 MHz / 3200 MT/s

Storage capacity (per sled)
10 x U.2 2.5-inch (15mm) Bays

Storage configuration (per sled)