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Corporate Security Engineer

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Building a rack-scale computer involves many disciplines which each have unique and diverse infrastructure needs resulting in a complex, highly-interconnected corporate environment spanning offices, co-location facilities, public cloud, and SaaS providers. Oxide Corporate Security Engineers prevent, detect, and mitigate attacks targeting this infrastructure and the services it provides by researching, developing, and implementing policies and processes as well as developing and deploying hardware and software mechanisms that enforce them.

As a corporate security engineer working at Oxide, you will:

  • Work with a friendly and positive team with deep experience throughout the computing stack.

  • Define security goals, develop corresponding policies, and engineer, deploy, and manage infrastructure and tooling for areas including:

    • Authentication to internal services.

    • Network and application-level access controls.

    • Remote access.

    • Infrastructure associated with off-site contract manufacturing operations.

    • Endpoint device management.

    • Handling of personally identifiable information (PII).

    • Internal public key infrastructure (PKI) for internal services including code signing and manufacturing processes.

  • Outline a path and lead toward compliance with a cybersecurity compliance framework such as NIST CSF.

  • Participate in Requests for Discussion (RFDs) with a focus on identifying and explaining how a design can be misused and documenting assumptions and scenarios considered in the development of the design.

  • Partner with colleagues through the RFD process and other collaborative mechanisms to navigate trade-offs between meeting security and other business goals in order to ultimately reach consensus on the best path forward.

  • Assist other corporate engineers in developing tools and infrastructure for internal and partner use.

These responsibilities are just a starting place! We’re a small company, we don’t have rigid roles, and we have a lot to do - we can help you grow wherever your interests take you.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Understand that security is a shared responsibility that can be met only through teamwork and empathetic communication.

  • Apply both attacker and defender mindsets while designing and evaluating systems.

  • Find a weakness, build consensus on a mitigation strategy, and then implement the mitigation.

  • Enjoy following your ideas through implementation and deployment.

  • Document your ideas for the benefit of both your future self and others.

  • Enjoy reading the documentation produced by others.

  • Get excited about a wide range of technical topics and dig really deep into them.

  • Are comfortable at both a Unix terminal and a Windows desktop.

  • Don’t mind coworkers getting really excited about decades-old computer front panels.

If you don’t meet 100% of these qualifications you should still seriously consider applying – at least one of us was missing each of these at the outset!

Life at Oxide

We are very explicit about our values, and they can be seen in daily life at Oxide, for example:

  • Our rigor means we enjoy and take pride in the craft of engineering.

  • Our urgency means that we are not above the judicious short-cut.

  • Our versatility is reflected in our greatest strength: the breadth of our team.

  • Our transparency can be seen in our consensus-driven RFD process.

  • Our responsibility means that we both lead and follow: we have our own domains, but we also help others on their parts.

  • Our curiosity shows in our insatiable desire to learn – and our empathy in our love of teaching others.

  • Our humor is a big part of our daily lives: we are inveterate wise-crackers whose video meetings spill into simultaneous text chat.

Working at Oxide

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Remote first

Most of our team are based outside of the Bay Area. We do ask that your workday overlaps with Pacific Time for at least four hours.

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Flexible working hours

Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us; our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.

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Premium healthcare

We offer the best medical PPO, dental, and vision plans we can find and cover 100% of premiums for employees and dependents.

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Everyone at Oxide makes $185,657 USD, regardless of location.

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