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Cloud computing has ushered in a new standard for how companies develop, deploy, and operate software, allowing them to move faster than ever before. This movement was made possible by numerous infrastructure innovations in rack-level hardware and software that remain hidden away inside the datacenters of the large cloud hyperscalers.

Enterprises that need to own their infrastructure for reasons including security, latency, reliability, and economics, are left with a fractured set of legacy enterprise technologies that require enormous overhead to operate and lack the tools developers love.

Oxide has built a vertically integrated, rack-level cloud computer, delivering the efficiencies, automation, and developer experience of the cloud in a form that businesses can own. Finally companies can take advantage of the benefits of cloud everywhere their business needs to run.

Working in Field Sales at Oxide, you will:

  • Work closely with existing and prospective customers; building deep relationships across the organization, determining their needs, and constructing the appropriate solution to meet them.

  • Build a strong pipeline of new prospective customers through independent outreach, having done the research to ensure engaging with Oxide will be time well spent.

  • Drive the entire sales process from early outreach through successful deployment; partnering with other Oxide teams on training, enablement, and customer success.

  • Develop and negotiate contracts with customers, working closely with legal, striving to create agreements that are beneficial to both parties.

  • Thoroughly document feedback from customers and collaborate with internal teams to ensure that our products and services continue improving over time.

  • Collaborate with Product, Engineering, and Operations teams to ensure that our customers have an exceptional experience.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Feel a sense of responsibility for the success of each customer project, and measure that success in their terms.

  • Are deeply curious about the companies that you work with, seeking to understand what makes their businesses thrive and what challenges they are facing

  • Pride yourself in developing a deep understanding of the product you are selling, from the highest level benefits to the lowest level technical details.

  • Get excited about a wide range of technical topics and dig really deep into them.

  • Don’t mind coworkers getting really excited about decades-old computers.

Life at Oxide

We are very explicit about our values, and they can be seen in daily life at Oxide, for example:

  • Our rigor is reflected in the quality of our customer engagements; ensuring the capabilities of our products and the needs of our customers are well matched.

  • Our transparency can be seen in how we document and communicate our product capabilities with our customers.

  • Our responsibility means that we are accountable for all aspects of making our customers successful; whether that is mapping out a new project or shepherding a support ticket through to a positive resolution.

  • Our curiosity drives our desire to learn everything we can about our customers and the market dynamics of the industries they operate in.

  • Our humor is a big part of our daily lives: we are inveterate wise-crackers whose video meetings spill into simultaneous text chat.

Working at Oxide

Remote first

Most of our team are based outside of the Bay Area. We do ask that your workday overlaps with Pacific Time for at least four hours.

Flexible working hours

Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us; our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.

Premium healthcare

We offer the best medical PPO, dental, and vision plans we can find and cover 100% of premiums for employees and dependents.

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This role consists of base salary + commission. Other roles at Oxide make $201,227 USD with no commission component regardless of location.

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