Oxide Cloud Computer

No Cables. No Assembly. Just Cloud.

Cropped front view of the oxide server rack
Cropped front view of the oxide server rack

Hardware and Software
Designed Together

Front view of the oxide server rack
Front view of the oxide server rack

Vertically integrated and scale-ready. Bringing hyperscaler agility to the mainstream enterprise.


Per-tenant isolation gives you full control of networking, routing and firewalls through VPC and network virtualization capabilities. Network services scale with your deployment, eliminating traditional bottlenecks.View product page


Elastic compute capacity that can be provisioned against a single infrastructure pool, with support for the tools developers already use.View product page


High performance, persistent block storage service with configurable capacity and IOPS per volume.View product page


Instant IT Transformation

Just add power, networking and go

No Assembly Required

Go from rack install to developer availability in a matter of hours, compared to weeks or months today.

Power and Space Efficiency

Takes up two-thirds as much space as traditional on-premises infrastructure.

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Accelerate Developer Velocity
Self-Service Environment for Developers

Illustration of a terminal using the oxide API

Developer-Friendly Tooling

Work how you like - the Oxide CLI brings all the features of the web console to the command line.

Logos of Kubernetes and Terraform

Compatible With Familiar Tools

Manage with technologies you already know and use with our Kubernetes and Terraform integrations.

Oxide web console command menu

Effortless Interface

Use the command palette to go to any page, create resources and much more directly from your keyboard.

Everything you can do in the web console is available in the API and CLI

Maximize Transparency & Control

An experience that provides operators with comprehensive software to manage capacity, health and utilization over the entire fleet.

Drive operational efficiencies with automation and informed recommendations.

Expected to run out of capacity in 287 days

Anticipate and resolve capacity needs

Diagram of an example network

Understand and debug issues faster

Diagram of an overprivileged access alert

Scope users to the privileges they need

End-to-End Networking Observability

Representation of Oxide web console UI, showing a list of components, one is indicating an issue
Snapshot of Oxide web console UI, showing a dropdown with one item highlighted that says 'View packet log'
Oxide rack network switch

With our built-in switch and its purpose-built software, you can finally understand why your packets are not getting to where they are supposed to go.

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Understand End-to-End Performance

Observability across physical and application-level network data, improving performance and uptime.

Identify Bottlenecks

Better diagnose and more quickly remediate bottlenecks across the complete infrastructure stack.

Resolve Issues

Single pane of glass to monitor normal operation and detect failures to enable capacity planning and debugging.

Identify Low Utilization

Rack-level, pooled infrastructure, with automated capacity management tooling, reducing dead capacity.

Secure by Design

Modern on-premises, enterprise environments face a wide variety of threats. Oxide products are designed to defend against threats from internal and external attackers at application, network, and physical layers

First Instruction Integrity

As soon as power is applied to an Oxide rack, our purpose-built hardware root of trust – present on every Oxide server and switch – cryptographically validates that its own firmware is genuine and unmodified.

Extending Trust Through Boot

As the rack boots, trust is extended by holding processors in reset, measuring their firmware, recording those measurements in the root of trust, and finally releasing them to proceed. System software can then reliably know what firmware was booted on each processor by asking the root of trust.

Extending Trust Between Devices

During manufacturing, each hardware root of trust is provisioned with a private key and matching certificate signed by an Oxide Certificate Authority that uniquely identifies that root of trust and demonstrates that it was produced by Oxide.

Trust Quorum

Verifiable secret sharing protects customer data against at-rest and boot-time attacks. When combined with remote attestation, this provides a strong guarantee.

Secure Secret Storage

Specialized storage service that avoids keeping secrets in RAM and has strict ACLs limiting access and use of secrets.