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Technical Specifications

CPU2,048 x86 cores (AMD Milan)
MemoryUp to 32TB DRAM
Storage1024TB of raw storage in NVMe
Network switchIntel Tofino 2
Network speed100 Gbps


Casters and stands

Oxide racks come with wheels to easily roll the racks into the desired space in your facility. Stands are installed to keep the rack in-place once it reaches its destination.


2354mm (92.7") high, 632mm (24.9") wide, 1040mm (44.9") deep with the doors closed


The front of an Oxide rack is intended for the cold aisle, while the back is intended for the hot aisle. The ambient temperature must be between 35º F (2º C) and 95º F (35º C). The relative humidity must be between 8 percent and 80 percent with no condensation.


The weight of a rack depends on how many sleds are filled. The location where the rack will be installed and the path to that location must support the weight specified in the order summary at the rack point loads. This includes freight and standard elevators.

Seismic bracing

To the extent required by regulation or code, you will install and maintain appropriate seismic anchorage and bracing for the rack while it is in your facility.


The elevation of the room where the rack is installed must be below 9,842 feet (3,000 meters).


Three-phase PDU. Flexible global input voltages 180-300, delta or wye. Will support up to 15kW, actual power draw depends on the density the customer chooses for their rack.


The rack position must provide at least 145.8 times the kVA of cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow.

Loading dock

Your loading dock must accommodate a rack crate that is at least 95" high, 26" wide, and 46" deep.


The equipment is 2354mm (92.7") high from the bottom of the casters to the top of the rack and 632mm (24.9") wide and 1040mm (44.9") deep with the doors closed. The front doors will need at least ~595mm (24") of clearance to open and the back double doors require an additional ~290mm (11.4") to open. Therefore, we estimate around 80" deep of clearance to account for the front and back doors. Any doorways, hallways, turns, ramps, and elevators must provide sufficient clearance.

Lockable door

Oxide racks come with a lockable door if requested by the customer.

Power connectors

5KVA-15KVA power supply and redundant feeds supported.

Network switches

Every Oxide rack has two physical network devices that attach to your local network. To connect to your local network you will need a minimum of two physical links between these Oxide network devices and your local network devices. We provide the optics that are compatible with the fiber that you provide at the rack position.