Software Engineer: Web

Time iconFull-time
Remote iconRemote friendly

The web console is the last mile of Oxide’s vision: delivering the complexities of cloud infrastructure with a beautiful and functional interface that delights our customers.

As a software engineer working on the web console, you will:

  • Work with engineers and designers to understand customer use cases and define and implement the web interface to the Oxide platform.
  • Build a React app that feels as fast and simple as a CLI.
  • Write code mostly in TypeScript, read TypeScript and a bit of Rust. Rust experience is not required, but interest goes a long way.
  • Debug API code when it's not doing what you expect.
  • Participate in usability testing to refine the product.
  • Write tooling to help you and other developers move faster.
  • Learn about all layers of the stack exposed to users through the web console: fault-tolerant distributed systems and databases that support virtual machines, network-based virtual storage devices, and virtual networks.
  • Code without fear, supported by continuous builds, tests, a constructive code-review process, and a supportive culture of identifying and fixing bugs. Learn about and contribute to other non-web areas of the product that interest you.

These responsibilities are just a starting place! We’re a small company, we don’t have rigid roles, and we have a lot to do – we can help you grow wherever your interests take you.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Know web tech like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Are excited about accessibility.
  • Have worked on single-page apps, but see beyond the frameworks of the day.
  • Believe in fully documenting your ideas.
  • Enjoy reading the documentation produced by others.
  • Get excited about a wide range of technical topics and dig really deep into them.
  • Don’t mind coworkers getting really excited about decades-old computer front panels.

If you don’t meet 100% of these qualifications you should still seriously consider applying! We all come from different backgrounds with different skills.

Life at Oxide

We are very explicit about our values, and they can be seen in daily life at Oxide, for example:

  • Our rigor means we enjoy and take pride in the craft of engineering.
  • Our urgency means that we are not above the judicious short-cut.
  • Our versatility is reflected in our greatest strength: the breadth of our team.
  • Our transparency can be seen in our consensus-driven RFD process.
  • Our responsibility means that we both lead and follow: we have our own domains, but we also help others on their parts.
  • Our curiosity shows in our insatiable desire to learn – and our empathy in our love of teaching others.
  • Our humor is a big part of our daily lives: we are inveterate wise-crackers whose video meetings spill into simultaneous text chat.

Our values also manifest themselves in our benefits:

  • Everyone makes $180,250, regardless of location.
  • We offer the best health insurance we could find: medical PPO plan, dental, and vision that are 100% covered for both employees and dependents.
  • We are very supportive of remote work. About half of our team is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area; our only requirement is working hours with a significant overlap with Pacific Time.
  • Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us; our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.