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We believe in the power of cloud infrastructure, and that it should be available everywhere one’s business needs to run, including on-premises. To make that future possible, Oxide is building the first cloud-ready server appliance; providing customers the benefits of cloud computing while preserving the cost structure and control of their own on-premises datacenter.

As a Solutions Engineering leader working at Oxide, you will:

  • Work closely with Oxide customers and prospective customers, building deep relationships across their teams, determining their needs, and constructing the appropriate solutions to meet them.

  • Develop comprehensive customer deployment plans, including data center facilities prep, network integration, operations tooling, and developer onboarding.

  • Work directly on the product with other engineers, using customer requirements as a guide to ensure what we are building meets their needs.

  • Develop a rigorous solutions engineering process; from pre-sales requirements gathering to pre-deployment testing and through customer onboarding.

  • Work at the intersection of Oxide’s product and customers’ networking boundary; including layer 1-7 networking, routing protocols (e.g. BGP), firewalls, VPN, and the P4 programming language.

  • Thoroughly document feedback from customers and collaborate with internal teams to ensure that our products and services continue improving over time.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Feel a sense of responsibility for the success of each customer project, and measure that success in their terms.

  • Are excited at the opportunity to work closely with innovative companies, digging deep into the technical decisions that brought them to the current day, and mapping out a path to extending the benefits of cloud computing into their on-premises environments.

  • Love diving deep into technical issues at all layers of the stack, from hardware to operating systems to externally-facing APIs.

  • Have experience designing, implementing, deploying and operating data center networks using dynamic routing protocols and overlay networks.

  • Have experience with BGP implementation or deployment.

  • Possess excellent communications skills; whether presenting to an audience or writing technical requirements documentation.

  • Pride yourself in developing a deep understanding of both the products you are representing, and those they are being considered against; from the highest level benefits to the lowest level technical details, learning through hands-on experience.

  • Get excited about a wide range of technical topics and dig really deep into them.

  • Don’t mind coworkers getting really excited about decades-old computers.

Life at Oxide

We are very explicit about our values, and they can be seen in daily life at Oxide, for example:

  • Our rigor means we enjoy and take pride in the craft of engineering.

  • Our urgency means that we are not above the judicious short-cut.

  • Our versatility is reflected in our greatest strength: the breadth of our team.

  • Our transparency can be seen in our consensus-driven RFD process.

  • Our responsibility means that we both lead and follow: we have our own domains, but we also help others on their parts.

  • Our curiosity shows in our insatiable desire to learn – and our empathy in our love of teaching others.

  • Our humor is a big part of our daily lives: we are inveterate wise-crackers whose video meetings spill into simultaneous text chat.

Working at Oxide

Remote first

Most of our team are based outside of the Bay Area. We do ask that your workday overlaps with Pacific Time for at least four hours.

Flexible working hours

Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us; our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.

Premium healthcare

We offer the best medical PPO, dental, and vision plans we can find and cover 100% of premiums for employees and dependents.

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Everyone at Oxide makes $191,227 USD, regardless of location.

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