Software engineering

Oxide is seeking software engineers at nearly every level of the software stack, from the depths of firmware through the hypervisor, control plane, top-of-rack switch, and higher-level management software.

We are united by a common interest in implementing the systems software that abstracts the machine. You should have an affinity for gnarly systems problems, viewing a software bug as an opportunity to better understand a system rather than an unfortunate incident to be wished away. You are accustomed to demonstrations of your software being underappreciated by the uninitiated, who may just view it as a functioning system rather than an importantly improved one. You've likely done kernel or firmware work, but wherever you have worked in the software stack you have found yourself testing (or being tested by) the limits of the layer beneath you. While we don't specify experience levels with particular languages or tools, you've almost certainly done work in C and assembly -- and you have probably started to play with Rust if you haven't already outright fallen in love with it. You know the tools well on the systems that you have used, often being the one to discover their limitations. You appreciate and are inspired by well-written documentation, and try to do your part to continue what can feel like a lost art. You long for a team filled with people similarly motivated working for a company that you can believe in -- or pine for a time in your past when you had such a team or worked for such a company.

While the nature of the problems we're solving biases us to those with experience, we are open to engineers at the beginning of their career who feel an exceptional calling to systems software.

Oxide is based in Emeryville, California, but we support remote work as well.

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