Operations Manager

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A rack-scale computer is an extraordinarily complicated machine that requires exceptional attention to detail through the entire process, including design, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, delivery, installation, and lifecycle management.

As an operations manager working at Oxide, you will:

  • Collaborate with other functions across hardware and software engineering to understand the product bill of materials (BOM) and implement or develop best practices around master data management and supply chain integrity as we scale.
  • Operate across internal and external stakeholders in collaboration with our OEMto understand the materials and data/information needs for our manufacturing process including supply/demand management (SDM), master production schedules (MPS), clear to build (CTB), and product lifecycle management (PLM).
  • Develop a robust logistics process from the ground up as we prepare to support our first customer orders.
  • Architect best practices for spares inventory management as we prepare to support full service contracts with short SLA to warranty repairs or replacements.
  • Develop strategic relationships with supply chain partners from manufacturers to distributors, with a focus on pricing negotiation, and mitigating supply risk via various techniques (inventory control, dual sourcing components, long lead forecasting, capacity planning, etc)
  • Nimbly manage projects large and small as we scale our operations across products, services, customers, distributors, and suppliers while optimizing cost, schedule, and performance tradeoffs to achieve strategic intent
  • Make order fulfillment part of what our customers love about us with rigorous attention to detail, proactive risk management and contingency planning, and responding with an appropriate sense of urgency to emerging issues
  • Be ready to represent Oxide to our customers with an understanding of the various factors driving their order and delivery timelines and how we can harmonize our operations to exceed their expectations
  • Contribute to other, non-ops specific areas of the product that interest you.

These responsibilities are just a starting place! We’re a small company, we don’t have rigid roles, and we have a lot to do – we can help you grow wherever your interests take you.

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Have previously worked in supply chain or operations where hardware was being built.
  • Can understand complex technical topics and distill them down.
  • Are energized by the thought of jumping between traditional roles and silos.
  • Produce good documentation and/or written descriptions of your ideas.
  • Get excited about a wide range of technical topics and dig really deep into them.
  • Don’t mind coworkers getting really excited about decades-old computers.

If you don’t meet 100% of these qualifications you should still seriously consider applying – at least one of us was missing each of these at the outset!

Life at Oxide

We are very explicit about our values, and they can be seen in daily life at Oxide, for example:

  • Our rigor means we enjoy and take pride in our craft.
  • Our urgency means that we are not above the judicious short-cut.
  • Our versatility is reflected in our greatest strength: the breadth of our team.
  • Our transparency can be seen in our consensus-driven RFD process.
  • Our responsibility means that we both lead and follow: we have our own domains, but we also help others on their parts.
  • Our curiosity shows in our insatiable desire to learn – and our empathy in our love of teaching others.
  • Our humor is a big part of our daily lives: we are inveterate wise-crackers whose video meetings spill into simultaneous text chat.

Our values also manifest themselves in our benefits:

  • Everyone makes $180,250, regardless of location.
  • We offer the best health insurance we could find: medical PPO plan, dental, and vision that are 100% covered for both employees and dependents.
  • We are very supportive of remote work. About half of our team is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area; our only requirement is working hours with a significant overlap with Pacific Time.
  • Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us; our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.