Hardware Engineers

Are you a technologist that is eager to join our mission?

About Oxide

At Oxide, we are taking a big swing: rethinking the definition of the server-side computer, combining the wisdom of hyperscaler systems with the energy of the open data center — and delivering it as a broadly consumable product. Our most deeply held engineering belief is in the integration of hardware and software: we believe that the best and most reliable infrastructure comes when hardware and software are designed to work with one another.

Hyperscalers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft have what we like to call “infrastructure privilege”. They build their own hardware and software to fulfill their needs and do it better than commodity vendors ever could. At Oxide, we are working to bring that same infrastructure privilege to everyone else.

Oxide is seeking hardware engineers to join us in building the next generation of rack-scale fully-integrated machines. You should have server design experience in every stage of development: ODM/JDM selection, PRD development, EVT/DVT/PVT, and deployment into production. You should have experience working with firmware (host firmware, BMC, etc.), and interest in the software stack on the host and beyond: the idea of working together with a bunch of software engineers who appreciate thoughtful hardware and want to integrate it into a complete system should be particularly appealing. You take pride in a correct system, and you like to push systems to the breaking point; you have developed software to validate hardware – and likely have used it to isolate and debug some nasty hardware bugs. You may have some interest or experience in tamper-resistant systems and hardware roots of trust, knowing that current server designs are woefully behind the state of the art. You probably have experience or interest in the Open Compute Project, and you are motivated by the idea of your designs having the broadest possible impact.

Oxide is based in Emeryville, California. While we are open to remote work, we believe that will be difficult for this role.