RIP Khaled Bichara, 1971-2020 2020/02/03

Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill and Jessie Frazelle

We were deeply saddened to learn that Khaled Bichara, one of Oxide’s angel investors, died in a car accident in Cairo on Friday night. Those of us who have known Khaled for years have known him to be a bold investor who appreciated hard technical problems – and also a profoundly decent person, who cared deeply for his family, his companies, and his country. Khaled’s stories of kindling entrepreneurship in Egypt were inspiring to any who heard them – and served as a reminder of the reponsibility that we all have to our broader communities.

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On the Metal: Season 1 Wrap Up 2020/02/03

Bryan Cantrill, Jessie Frazelle and Steve Tuck

Welp, that’s a wrap for the first season of the On the Metal podcast. Join us as we reminisce about some of our favorite parts (although it was very hard to choose). We also uncover some aspects of the podcast you never heard about! While this is the end of the first season, we absolutely cannot wait for the second season. Thank you so much for listening, we will be back soon!

On the Metal Announcements Launch Podcast

Oxide Computer Company: Initial boot sequence 2019/12/02

Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill and Jessie Frazelle

We have started a computer company! If you haven’t yet, read Jess’s account of us being born in a garage and Bryan’s on the soul of our new computer company. Also, see the perspectives of some of our founding engineers: Robert Mustacchi on joining Oxide, Joshua Clulow on the need for a new machine, and Patrick Mooney on everything he sees aligning at Oxide (and in particular, on the importance of Oxide’s principles!

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On the Metal: Teaser 2019/12/01

Bryan Cantrill and Jessie Frazelle

Welcome to our new podcast, On the Metal! As a part of starting Oxide Computer Company, we decided to also create the podcast we always wanted. It’s unapologetically technical and as Jess says, “the nerdiest podcast on the face of the planet.” Join us as we interview various guests from the hardware / software interface. Their stories have captivated us all and kept us wanting more, we can’t wait to share them with you!

On the Metal Announcements Launch Podcast