Retro Logos Project: 90s

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When we were deciding on the logo for the company, the designer we worked with showed us an amazing version that looked so awesomely 80s. I, of course, fell in love with it. Ultimately, it was not the logo we went with but it gave us the idea to create a collection of logos that represent the design style of different eras in computing history. Over the next few days, we will unveil some Oxide logos from decades past. We are starting today with the 90s!

The 90s were a great time for personal computers and innovation. Let's go over some of the innovations in computing that happened in the 90s. By no means is this list exhaustive, it is merely a reference to some of my favorite moments in history.

  • 1990: The world wide web was released out of CERN, thank you Tim Berners-Lee! Originally it only ran on NeXT computers!
  • 1991: Apple's PowerBook laptops, with built-in trackball, are released.
  • 1993: Windows NT is released.
  • 1994: Zip drives are released from Iomega, allowing 100MB to be stored on a single Zip Disk.
  • 1995 and later: The big browser war between Netscape and Microsoft.
  • 1997: The CD-RW is introduced.
  • 1998: The colorful iMacs are launched.

Please share your favorite memories from the 90s with us @oxidecomputer!

It should be easy to pinpoint exactly what inspired the logo we came up for this era :) We'll let you all guess for yourselves!


Stay tuned tomorrow as we go further back in time to the 80s!

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