Retro Logos Project: 50s

Happy Friday!! As a wrap to this week we are now in the 50s! Let's jump into some of the innovations from this decade:

  • 1950: Magnetic drum memory is developed for the US Navy.
  • 1951: The first Univac 1 is delivered to the US Census Bureau. Univac introduced the UNISERVO tape drive for the Univac 1. It was the first tape storage for a commercial computer. Alan Turing created the Turing Test.
  • 1952: On November 4th, the Univac computer predicted the outcome of the election.
  • 1953: Whirlwind core memory is developed at MIT. It was the first computer to use magnetic core memory.
  • 1954: IBM introduced the 650 magnetic drum calculator.
  • 1956: The first implementations of keyboards are developed at MIT. An early experiment was named a Flexowriter. IBM shipped the RAMAC computer with magnetic disk storage.
  • 1957: DEC was founded. FORTRAN is developed at IBM.
  • 1958: LISP is invented by John McCarthy at MIT.

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For this decade, we have two logos! We couldn't decide on just one so we went with two! Can you guess the inspiration for both of these?


It was a pleasure to work with Lizzo Ponzielli on all these amazing retro Oxide logos!

Thanks for going back in time with us this week! It was a ton of fun to imagine what our logo would have looked like in the past. We sure have come a long way from the 1950s. I cannot wait to see what innovations lie ahead for the next 50 years! The future of computer history has yet to be written.

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