Oxide Computer Company: Initial boot sequence

2 December 2019

We have started a computer company! If you haven't yet, read Jess's account of us being born in a garage and Bryan's on the soul of our new computer company. Also, see the perspectives of some of our founding engineers: Robert Mustacchi on joining Oxide, Joshua Clulow on the need for a new machine, and Patrick Mooney on everything he sees aligning at Oxide (and in particular, on the importance of Oxide's principles!).

If it needs to be said, starting a computer company is an ambitious endeavor; we are thrilled to have investment led by Eclipse Ventures and joined by an incredible group of institutional and angel investors. Our investors see what we see: the potential to integrate hardware and software together to bring hyperscaler-class infrastructure to everyone.

To use the machine as metaphor, Oxide is at the earliest stages of boot: the power is on, and the first instructions have been executed – but we have a long way to go before we're fully operational! If you are interested in following our progress sign up for our mailing list. If you are interested in potentially joining us, check out our careers page. And if nothing else, give a listen to our podcast, On the Metal!