22 Mar 2020

March 2020 Update

Author image for Jessie Frazelle
Author image for Jessie Frazelle
Jessie Frazelle

Hello friends!

I want to start by saying we wish you the very best during this unprecedented time in which we are all united. Our thoughts go out to everyone working hard to help those in need. We wish you and your families health and resilience.

Hard at work…​ and growing

A lot has happened at Oxide since we first de-cloaked in December and I apologize for the lack of an official update on our end, other than our Twitter feeds. We’ve been hard at work building a product!

We are now a team of 15 people! Everyone was in Emeryville for the Open Compute Summit, which was cancelled, but we still made the best of it by having company-wide face-to-face architecture discussions. We even snapped a photo with the whole team. As Bryan said: we cannot wait for this image to be burned into a ROM.


Computer History Museum

We also made sure to visit the Computer History Museum while everyone was in town. It was fun to have some folks from the open firmware community join us as well! Since it was not busy we got to spend an unusually long amount of time with the docent at the IBM 1401 demo which was fascinating.

computer history museum
Computer history museum

On the Metal

Last month, we wrapped up the first season of our podcast, On the Metal. These were super fun to record and I know we are looking forward to Season 2 just as much as you are!


On February 18th, we received the most perfect PCI vendor ID: 01DE. Huge thanks to Robert Mustacchi for getting that!

The Soul of a New Machine at Stanford

Bryan gave a talk at Stanford on The Soul of a New Machine.

Research and writing

In the media

Tom Krazit at Protocol published a feature on what we are working on: This little server startup wants to take on a horde of tech giants.

Moving in

Cliff L. Biffle made us new signs for our conference rooms!

office signs

We have gotten some amazing mugs from folks for our collection, thank you all so much!

The phone lines are now open!

Last Monday, I opened our phone line to anyone who wanted to share stories about their hardware pain. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful conversations! v2

On Wednesday, Jared Volpe shipped the redesign of this website! Pro tip: check out the 404 page ;)

Bryan at Oxidize 1K

On Friday, Bryan gave a talk on at Oxidize 1K on "Tockilator: Deducing Tock execution flow from Ibex Verilator traces".

We will update this post once the video becomes available! For a good synopsis of the conference check out this post.

Stay tuned!

That’s all for now. We will continue to update you with news as we go about building.