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RIP Khaled Bichara, 1971-2020 2020/02/03

Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill and Jessie Frazelle

We were deeply saddened to learn that Khaled Bichara, one of Oxide’s angel investors, died in a car accident in Cairo on Friday night. Those of us who have known Khaled for years have known him to be a bold investor who appreciated hard technical problems – and also a profoundly decent person, who cared deeply for his family, his companies, and his country. Khaled’s stories of kindling entrepreneurship in Egypt were inspiring to any who heard them – and served as a reminder of the reponsibility that we all have to our broader communities.

Company Announcements

Oxide Computer Company: Initial boot sequence 2019/12/02

Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill and Jessie Frazelle

We have started a computer company! If you haven’t yet, read Jess’s account of us being born in a garage and Bryan’s on the soul of our new computer company. Also, see the perspectives of some of our founding engineers: Robert Mustacchi on joining Oxide, Joshua Clulow on the need for a new machine, and Patrick Mooney on everything he sees aligning at Oxide (and in particular, on the importance of Oxide’s principles!

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